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Project 3 - Steps
Apart from using local stone and wood to construct the steps at this property, the client had one specific design feature in mind. The steps lead from the house across the lawn onto the pool terrace, and whilst the path of the steps needed to have a rustic, meandering quality, the client also wanted to be able to walk the route in a reasonably straight line. This dictated the width of the final pathway.

The steps were constructed of 2.5m strips of solid french oak set in concrete foundations. The treads were lined with geotextile and then back filled with hardcore and finally topped with smaller gravel; both sourced at a local quarry. The edging stones were sourced on site, being the leftovers from previous buildings that had been demolished.

The areas either side of the steps were subsequently re-landscaped and seeded with lawn using soil excavated from the path of the steps and augmented with manure.

An idea for the future is to plant wildflowers actually into the treads of the steps to create a 'path within a path' and soften the line even further.

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project 3 - Steps

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