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Project 4 - Courtyard garden
Project 3
Whilst already having a beautiful courtyard garden the client felt it was time for a change and we set about redesigning half of it.

The project was carried out throughout the winter, with the clearance of the old plants taken care of in the autumn. This meant that anything salvageable was moved elsewhere in the property giving a new lease of life to other areas of the garden.

The bed was cleared of any stray roots and weeds, a soil conditioner was incorporated and the area was covered for the winter to stop too many weeds taking hold in the 'bare' period.

The new planting was undertaken in the spring – partly inspired by the 'prairie planting' style of Piet Oudolf, with a mix of the classic cottage garden. The plants we have introduced are: Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Red Valerian, Achillea, Verbena bonariensis, Penstemon and grasses such as Pennisetum, Sesleria and Miscanthus.

Although other areas of the courtyard have not been redesigned, certain key plants have been highlighted from this design and planted into the remaining beds to marry the two areas together.

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project 4 - Courtyard garden

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