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Project 1 - Large Gravel Garden
Project 1
As part of a larger renovation of the house and gardens, a large barn was dismantled leaving a substantial area of ground to be developed into a garden. As this is a second home, often used by large groups of family and friends (particularly in the summer) a gravel garden seemed a perfect solution...

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Project 2 - Lawn sowing
Project 1
The work carried out at this property is part of a larger body of work for the client. I undertake the maintenance contract here and therefore the reinstating of lawn areas is an extension of my overall role. As with many of my clients, the house is in the process of renovation ‒ which can take a number of years ‒ and inevitably the building work, often involving heavy machinery, takes its toll on the garden...

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Project 3 - Steps
Project 2
Apart from using local stone and wood to construct the steps at this property, the client had one specific design feature in mind. The steps lead from the house across the lawn onto the pool terrace, and whilst the path of the steps needed to have a rustic, meandering quality, the client also wanted to be able to walk the route in a reasonably straight line. This dictated the width of the final pathway...

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Project 4 - Courtyard Garden
Project 3
Whilst already having a beautiful courtyard garden the client felt it was time for a change and we set about redesigning half of it. The project was carried out throughout the winter, with the clearance of the old plants taken care of in the autumn. This meant that anything salvageable was moved elsewhere in the property giving a new lease of life to other areas of the garden...

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Project 5 - Gravel garden
Project 4
Gravel gardens are well suited to the climate of SW France, and particularly interesting for the holiday and second home owners as they require minimal maintenance. We have installed gravel gardens both with and without irrigation, both with fantastic results. We try to choose drought tolerant plants and it is our intention where possible to eliminate irrigation altogether which has the benefit of being both sustainable and cost effective....

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Project 6 - Large scale plantation
Project 5
The pool had been recessed into the side of a gentle slope giving a bank area which needed some interest as the surrounding land was predominantly lawn. We have undertaken the design and plantation of more than 1000 plants in 'prairie planting' style. This means large blocks of the same plants set out in drifts across the area and giving a natural or 'wild' look. The plants were selected for their relative ease of maintenance and low irrigation requirements once they are established...

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Project 7 - Lavender plantation
Project 6
The client had recently installed a pool and by its nature this had left a bank dropping back down to the original level of the garden. They were looking for a relatively inexpensive solution to make the area took good and be low maintenance. We sowed the bank with grass and planted a 'hedge' of lavender around the edge of the pool terrace...

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